Cost Calculators

Please note: These calculations should only be used as a guide. For more accurate calculations, please “Contact Us”

Transfer Cost Calculations are based on the following:


Value of property Attorney Fee
R100 000 or less R5200
Over R100 000 up to and including R500 000 R5200 plus R800 per R50 000 or part thereof above that
Over R500 000 up to and including R1 million R11 600 for the first R500 000 plus R1 600 per R100 000 or part thereof above that
Over R1 million up to and including R5 million R19 600 for the first R1 million plus R1 600 per R200 000 or part thereof above that
Over R5 million R51 600 for the first R5 million plus R2 000 per R500 000 or part thereof above that


Value of property Deeds Office Fee
Does not exceed R100,000.00 R41
Exceeds R100,000 but does not exceed R200,000 R90
Exceeds R200,000 but does not exceed R300,000 R567
Exceeds R300,000 but does not exceed R600,000 R707
Exceeds R600,000 but does not exceed R800,000 R995
Exceeds R800,000 but does not exceed R1,000,000 R1,142
Exceeds R1,000,000 but does not exceed R2,000,000 R1,283
Exceeds R2,000,000 but does not exceed R4,000,000 R1,778
Exceeds R4,000,000 but does not exceed R6,000,000 R2,157
Exceeds R6,000,000 but does not exceed R8,000,000 R2,568
Exceeds R8,000,000 but does not exceed R10,000,000 R3,002
Exceeds R10,000,000 but does not exceed R15,000,000 R3,573
Exceeds R15,000,000 but does not exceed R20,000,000 R4,292
Exceeds R20,000,000 R5,717

Provision must be made for the following

  • Rates and Levies for up to 3 months
  • Sectional Title: Transfer of any Exclusive Use Area (if applicable): approximately R2,500.00
  • SARS Transfer Duty when the Purchase Price is above R1M
  • R1,600 for FICA, Search, Postage and Expenses

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